We're a husband and wife team from beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

I own a sign company here in town, she's a website developer.

Like everyone else, our business was significantly impacted in the early days of the pandemic. Nearly all of the amazing, hardworking, small business customers we had the privilege of serving over the years - who helped us build and grow our own business - were ordered to close or had to radically change their business models overnight.

Among the customers who remained open in order to provide critical Essential Services to our community, and communities across the country, the only signage they urgently required was Social Distancing Signage.

So to meet the needs of our existing clients, and to help our own family weather the storm, we got to work.

We rapidly adapted our production facility, we built a website, and we made it our goal to ensure that sourcing Social Distancing Signs was as easy and efficient as possible for Canadians who needed to keep their staff and patrons safe.

Now that restrictions have lifted and we're all heading into this "New Normal" together, we feel truly privileged to be a part of so many businesses and organizations re-opening plans across Canada.

We can't express how much we value your business and how appreciative we are for your support.

Your support has not only allowed us to stay afloat during this time, it's also allowed us to continue supporting other small businesses in our community, and allowed us to donate to amazing local organizations whose charitable work help save and better lives every day.

If you're a small business owner, organization or essential service provider we are here to help. Social Distancing Signs help keep staff and patrons safe. If you need custom signs specific to your operations please give us a shout, custom designs are free!

The materials we're using for Social Distancing Signs are extremely high quality. From the high tack, laminated, premium grade vinyl on our floor decals to the super durable and easy-to-clean substrates we're using for our indoor/outdoor signage and indoor/outdoor decals - we're really serious about providing the best possible products for our customers.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. We'll all get through this together,

Thank-you for visiting our site,

Craig & Jaimie

(and our resident Shop Dog, Bud)

The Social Distancing Signs Canada Team